The Best Sitemap Plugin For Your WordPress Blog

The Best Sitemap Plugin For WordPress Blog

Best Sitemap Plugin For WordPress In this post, I will discuss some of the Best Sitemap Plugin For WordPress that you can use on your blog.

Sitemap of your blog is one of an essential element and the first step for making your blog search engine friendly. Sitemap file contains links to all the posts, pages of your blog and you can submit the file to Google Webmaster Tool to help search engine crawl & index your site effectively.

One of the coolest future of WordPress platform is, you don’t need to manually generate sitemap after writing a new post. You just need to pick the best sitemap plugin for WordPress and install it at the time of setting up your blog.

Once you have generated the sitemap file using best sitemap plugin for WordPress which one you install; you submit it to Google Webmaster Tools, and this plugin auto includes new posts, pages in your existing sitemap file.

Moreover, you should also generate an image and video sitemap for your blog, which will help you to drive traffic from image and video searches.

Popular WordPress sitemap plugins 

WordPress SEO by Yoast:

SEO by Yoast is most popular SEO plugin for WordPress. This plugin has a module which will let you generate a sitemap for your WordPress blog.

The reason for adding this plugin at the top of the list is; you might be using SEO by Yoast plugin on your blog and instead of having another plugin to generate the sitemap, you should use sitemap module of this plugin.

Once you have installed and activated the SEO by Yoast plugin, simply go to SEO > XML sitemaps and generate the sitemap for your blog.

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Google XML sitemap plugin:

Google XML Sitemaps plugin

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