How to Hide Drives In Windows Using Command Prompt

How to Hide Drives In Windows Using Command Prompt. Our personal computer  may contain secret data. Often we may have to pass our laptop or PC to other people. So, we might have to hide those files from seeing them. Everyone know how to hide folders, but what if an entire drive has secret data. its not possible to hide each and every folder, or some times the guest may doubt us for not seeing contents from a fully used drive. So, hiding drives is a good idea. Like many other stuff which we cant using regular options or software, we are doing this by command prompt.


  • This tricks Only for Windows users. Works on Windows versions 7/8/10
  • The pictures shown in the tutorial are the screenshots from windows 8.1

How to Hide A Drive

  1. Open Command Prompt. Different windows versions will have different methods for that. Simply search for ‘cmd’ in the start search.
Opening CMD – hide drives in windows

2.Type ‘Diskpart’ in the coming CMD

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Type Diskpart – hide drives in windows

Now, another command prompt window will open. Drives in your computer will be shown in that command prompt window and you can see that in the first 2 columns, each drive has its assigned letters and volume numbers. E.g. D: drive have the volume number 0 and E: has 4

Diskpart Screen – hide drives in windows

3. Suppose we have to hide the Drive E:  see,

Confirm the Drive Letter to be Hidden – hide drives in windows

4. Now, come to the CMD and select the drive from the Diskpart List, by using the command ‘select volume e’ or ‘select volume 4’

command for selecting the drive – hide drives in windows

our drive is selected. Lets hide the selected drive now.

command for hiding the drive – hide drives in windows

5. For hiding the drive E: type ‘remove letter e’. Then You can see an acknowledgment showing the the drive is hidden. to check, go to my computer and check whether the drive is present or not.

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check whether the drive is hidden – hide drives in windows

Bingooo..As you can see our Drive is Hidden Now.

How to Show the Hidden Drive

6. Repeat the steps 1,2,3,4,5 until you selects the hidden drive. After selecting the drive, to show it back whenever we need, simply type ‘assign letter e’

Command for showing the hidden drive – hide drives in windows

Yes!Your Hidden Drive is shown Now.

Confirm it by going my computer.

confirm the hidden drive is shown now. – hide drives in windows

Warning! You Are Being Watched Without Your Knowledge

When NSA contractor the famous(‘infamous’, ‘the hero’) Edward Snowden revealed that the US government is watching us through the yahoo web chat in a project called, ‘Optic Nerve’, we got really scared. A Developer from AOL, Mr.Ran Bar Zik has reported the similar situation Now. He insists we could get spied, watched without our knowledge through a UX design flaw in google chrome. If any hacker with malicious intention exploit this flaw, yes. it is possible. User will be not aware that they are being spied.

How it Works

Presently the modern web browsers like google chrome and mozilla firefox uses a collection of protocols called, webRTC(Web real time communication) protocol for real time audio video communication. Web browsers doesn’t need a plugin if they are using webRTC.

To protect from unauthorized audio and streaming using this webRTC, browser requests the users to allow particular websites to use webRTC and then to access devices camera and microphone. The main and exploitable danger part of this is once granted, the website will have access until you manually cancel these webRTC permissions. So, the web browser alerts the user with and indication,mostly in the window header, whenever there is audio and video are being recorded. The only indication in google chrome too lies on the window header.

The danger part is, if any websites with malicious intention popups with headless windows, it can record audio and video secretly.

The developer Ran Bar Zik also provided a that demonstrates the situation. you too can check it with google chrome. just clicking on those 2 buttons are needed. don’t worry it is nothing to worry, it is safe.

Google Says,

The more interesting thing is when Mr. Ran Zik the flaw to google on April 10, 2017, they rejected it as a flaw. through their words,

Currently the flaw is reported to be affected in google chrome only. but off course it may other web browsers.


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s Post on Instagram
  • Disable webRTC if you really don’t need it.
  • If you require this on some sites, allow only trusted ones.
  • The funny but only safest solution is what Facebook CEO showed us,Tap the camera from our devices

How to hack Facebook using phone number

The social media giant facebook is very well known for its security features. The number of google searches on how to hack facebook is enormous. But do you know that an old but still working flaw can exploit to hack our facebook accounts using just our phone number?! But here the flaw is not actually relies on facebook. Its on our tele communication ss7 network(signaling system 7).

SS7(signaling system 7) Flaw

Ss7 is a set of protocols that are used to control world’s pstn(public switched telephone network is the world’s collection of interconnected voice-oriented public telephone networks, both commercial and government-owned.) the ss7 technology is responsible for mobile number portability, prepaid payments, SMS and number translation. The messaging service highly relies on ss7. The flaw was actually discovered in 2008 but it was publicly published in 2014. And a real world attack was reported in this year for stealing money from the bank accounts. It is been said that the governments and the politicians uses this vulnerability to surveil on millions of people. Also it impossible or impractical to patch all networks in the world. So any one having a little tech knowledge can hack facebook and other social media services easily with just a phone number.

How to Hack Facebook Account With SS7 Flaw

One would argue that since Facebook has a password, it would be harder to hack. Due to the SS7 flaw, the hacker will not need your Facebook Password. Just like in the cases of Whatsapp and Telegram, the telecom network is duped into believing you have the victim’s phone number. Yours will be an easy task of clicking on ‘Forgot Password’.

Facebook will prompt you to enter an email address or phone number to change the password. You will provide the owner’s legitimate number. A password reset code will be sent to your number. After resetting the password you will have full control of the victim’s Facebook account. What an easy Facebook hack!

Lets watch a video demonstrating the working. It was publishes by forbes.

What Smart Phone users can do for preventing these attacks

  • Do not link your phone number to social media sites, rather rely solely on emails to recover your Facebook or other social media accounts.
  • Use two-factor authentication that does not use SMS texts for receiving codes.
  • Use communication apps that offer “end-to-end encryption” to encrypt your data before it leaves your smartphone over your phone’s standard calling feature.

Download Latest GBWhatsapp +5.60

GBWhatsapp is a moded whatsapp facilitated for using more awesome options. It is actually a whatsapp but it have many edits and options that may be very cool for us. GBWhatsapp have the following functions:

*Possibility to hide appearing
* privacy options
* Possibility to distinguish between collective messages and regular
* Possibility to know who visited your profile or become connected to
* the possibility of setting lock Watts August password
* Possibility to send a video size of 30 MB instead of 16 MB
* possibility of sending an audio clip size up for 100 MB instead of 16 MB
* the ability to send 90 image at one time without 10
* possibility of a case of the number of dependent characters 250 instead of 139 characters
* the possibility of pressure on the links without storing the message sender or number owner
* counter statistics for groups
* preview media without loading
* ability to hide the name and the date when copying letters or more
* possibility of copies pressed Machine
* possibility of changing the program format, and change the icon of the program and notices
* the ability to send images at high resolution
* Possibility to stop receiving calls from anyone you want or for everyone
* the ability to display messages of any person group separately from the rest of the members messages
* The program sends you an alert in the event of Your friend has changed his own image
* and many more features.

GBWhatsapp themes

Now, its new version 5.60 has released. It have some cool more functions including:

*possibility of sending software, games and all kinds of files
* You can install any chat at the top of the list of chats in order to reach them easily
* (exclusively) the possibility of installing more than 3 talks
* (exclusive) Edit Option 6.8 You can place a list of names instead of the status menu or instead of the call log list
* add the option to change the style of hidden conversations (hidden , open conversations and then the settings button)
* add option 1.1.14 to hide the button from the enclosing top bar in the conversation
* add option to hide the number 2.1.44 button enclosing from writing in the conversation box
* repair option 6:11 to disable the appearance of notices Pop – up in the issuance of nougat (7.0)
* Repair style does not appear when you hide a conversation in some setups
* Repair does not appear when you open the lock of Alwatsab widget
* Other reforms

Download latest versions:


GBWhatsapp plus:


Windows 7 hardest hit by WannaCry worm

The majority of machines hit by the WannaCry ransomware worm in the cyber-attack earlier this month were running Windows 7, security firms suggest.

More than 97{0d088edd8b0c6ad83242c94199d30d27e3eff13e3f38726f36becd41c877b0f3} of the infections seen by Kaspersky Lab and 66{0d088edd8b0c6ad83242c94199d30d27e3eff13e3f38726f36becd41c877b0f3} of those seen by BitSight used the older software.

Windows 7 hardest hit by WannaCry worm

WannaCry started spreading in mid-May and, so far, has infected more than 200,000 computers around the world.

In the UK, some hospitals had to turn away patients as the worm shut down computer systems.

Many suggested that the reason UK hospitals suffered was because many of them still relied on programmes that required Windows XP – a version of Microsoft’s OS that debuted in 2001

But infections of XP by WannaCry were “insignificant” said Costin Raiu from Kaspersky Lab.

Windows 7 was first released in 2009 and the most widely infected version was the x64 edition, which is widely used in large organisations, showed figures from Kasperksy

Many organisations seem to have been caught out because they failed to apply a patch, issued by Microsoft in March. that blocked the vulnerability which WannaCry exploited.

Spanish telecoms firm Telefonica, French carmaker Renault, German rail firm Deutsche Bahn, logistics firm Fedex, Russia’s interior ministry and 61 NHS organisations were all caught out by WannaCry.

After encrypting files, the WannaCry worm demanded a payment of £230 ($300) in bitcoins before they were unfrozen. So far, a reported 296 payments totalling $99,448 (£76,555) have been made to the bitcoin wallets tied to the ransomware.

There have been no reports that anyone who paid has had their data restored by the gang behind the attack.

Security experts also found that the worm spread largely by seeking out vulnerable machines on the net by itself. Before now, many thought it had got started via an email-based phishing campaign.

Adam McNeil, a senior malware analyst at Malwarebytes, said the worm was primed to look for machines vulnerable to a bug in a Microsoft technology known as the Server Message Block (SMB).

“The attackers initiated an operation to hunt down vulnerable public facing SMB ports and, once located, used the newly available SMB exploits to deploy malware and propagate to other vulnerable machines within connected networks,” he wrote.

Mr McNeil said he suspected that whoever was behind the worm first identifed a “few thousand” vulnerable machines which were used as the launch platform for the much larger waves of infection.