How To Make Very Easily Multiboot Pendrive Using YUMI

Multiboot Pendrive

How To Make Very Easily Multiboot Pendrive Using YUMI

Welcome Guys, my name is ashok punetha. I am received may mail or messages regarding to how to Multiboot Pendrive, so today i am write this post.

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How To Convert Text File To Audio File

Convert Text File To Audio File

Convert Text File To Audio File Hello visitors i am Blogger Ashok Punetha, i am writing blog since 3 year, I received many many messages about “how to convert text file to audio file”, so today i am write this amazing post.

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So, let’s start..

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We are living in a digital age where we just can’t keep ourselves away from the computers and smartphones. Without computers, smartphone & technology life in incomplete, so today i am tell about one amazing software which is very helpful for you.

Official Link: [button color=”” size=”” type=”square” target=”” link=””][/button]

Steps to convert a text file into an audio format.

  1. Install & Open the program and click on ‘File Menu‘. Now click on ‘Open‘ to choose the text file to convert into audio format or you can manually type your text in text box.
  2. Press F8 to play the text file to check the default speech and pitch rate.
  3. Customise the rate of speech, pitch and diction playing with the controls shown in the below picture.

    How To Convert Text File To Audio File
    How To Convert Text File To Audio File
  4. You can save you final results, click ‘Save as audio‘ in ‘File Menu‘ to save the text file in the audio format.
  5. Open the audio file in any media player of your choice to listen to the output.


We converted a 600 word text file and the software took just 3 seconds to convert the file in audio format. The results were good and easily understandable. The software also allows you to control the output speech with the help of standard play-pause-stop buttons found on the toolbar near the top of Balabolka UI. The text file can be saved as a WAV, MP3, MP4, OGG or WMA file by selecting “File – Save Audio File” or “File- Split and Convert to Audio Files” from the “File” menu.

Moreover, Balabolka can also save the synchronized text in external LRC files or in MP3 tags inside the audio files. Play the audio file in media players and the text will be displayed synchronously at the same way, as lyrics for songs or subtitles in a movie.

How to Extract Email ID from text

Welcome everyone my name is W@R10CK & today i am teach you how to extract email addresses from text.

Two methods are available for extract email id from text

Method 1: You can extract online

Method 2: Offline App created by W@R10CK

First you need some email id with included text or number you can find it from this link
Dump Data For Email ID Extractor  press ctrl + A to select and ctrl + C to copy all content.

Then go to following link Email ID Extractor and paste in text box and click Extract button.

Method 2 are under processing we are provide as soon as possible.

How to Hack Website Database

How to Hack Website Database

Hello guys is back with one new tutorial, How To Hack Website Database & i am Blogger Ashok Punetha. Today i am teach you how to hack website database.

Do Not Miss use this Post this is only for Education Purpose

OK, Let’s start

Step 1: Open and search .php?id= 

How to Hack Website Databasefor clear view click here to open in browser

Step 2: Copy any one URL for example

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Step 3: Click Here to Download Havij 

Step 4: Open Havij and paste URL in Target field and click Analyze Havij is automatic Analyze your URL and display all information like all connected databases to this site (e,g, bible_history) on bottom panel.

How to Hack Website Database

Step 5: If Database name is successfully retrieved from website, now you are ready for next stage, as per given above image you can see Havij successfully retrieved database name from website, select the database using check box and click on Get Table.

See given bellow screen shot you can see all table name is successfully retrieved.

How to Hack Website Database

Step 6: You select any one table for example we are selected Administrator table and click on Get Columns

check the given bellow image all Columns are successfully retrieved, select the all column name and click on Get Data, finally you are successfully get the Administrator user name & password.

You cannot access all website database some website & there server generate the mode of security.

This tutorial only for Education Purpose, Please Do Not Miss Use This Tutorial

How to Hack Website Database

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